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The Heart of Borneo Week, a celebration of HoB’s 10-year Initiative

Posted on 14 October 2017

The Heart of Borneo Week marks as a celebration of HoB’s 10-year initiative since the signing of the agreement by the three countries in 2007.
The Heart of Borneo Trilateral Meeting was held this year in Indonesia, located in Tarakan, North Kalimantan. The event was held on October 10th – 13th 2017 at several locations: Universitas Borneo Tarakan, Tarakan Town Hall and Swissbell Hotel. The Heart of Borneo Initiative, a trans-boundary collaboration of Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia and Malaysia to conserve and sustainably manage biodiversity, ecosystems and natural resources in the Heart of Borneo. This event also marks as a celebration of HoB’s 10-year initiative since the signing of the agreement by the three countries in 2007.

The series of events began started with an Expert Dialogue with the theme "Conserving the Natural Resources for Sustainability and Welfare of Heart of Borneo Area". Some of the topics raised in this dialogue were: (1) Biodiversity and environment in HoB areas, presented by Dr. Ani Mardiastuti from Bogor Agriculture Institute and Dr. Faizah Metali from Universiti of Brunei Darussalam (2) Climate change, energy and river border management, presented by Prof. Dr. Daddy Ruhiyat from the Provincial Climate Change Council of East Kalimantan and Prof. Dr. Lau Seng from University Malaysia Sarawak; (3) Social forestry, presented by Dr. Gusti Hardiansyah from Tanjung Pura University and Dr. Lim Hin Fui from Forest Research Institute Malaysia; (4) Agriculture: Tradition and Innovation to protect the biodiversity of HoB, presented by Dr. Yusurum Jagau from University of Palangka Raya and Mr. Idrus bin Shafie from Department of Agriculture, Sabah; (5) Education and Culture: a tradition for a sustainable future, presented by Dr. G. Simon Devung from Mulawarman University and Mr. Jayl Langub from University Malaysia Sarwak .

In addition to the explanation and discussions from keynote speakers, another part of agenda on the expert dialog was the launch of the "The Borneo Environmental Status Report 2016" by CEOs of WWF-Indonesia and WWF-Malaysia. The third of a series of biennial reports that details the changing status of the major ecosystems and key species, the land use developments, and the current conservation management issues in Borneo.

On October 11th – 12th the event continued with the HoB Trilateral Meeting, opened directly by the Governor of North Kalimantan, Mr. Irianto Lambrie. In his speech, he said that stepping on the 10th years of HoB initiative and with the spirit of togetherness, it was expected that people can advance the science, economy, culture, security defense and environmental sustainability for the prosperity of the people of Borneo and the world. After officially opening the trilateral meeting, the Governor of North Kalimantan also went to see the exhibition held during this trilateral meeting. The exhibition showed the works of government agencies and other related institutions in the region of North Kalimantan. WWF - Indonesia and WWF - Malaysia jointly held a photo exhibition featuring 50 photos of WWF work in the HoB areas, as well as photography tours and workshop aimed at students and photography community in Tarakan.

In the welcoming dinner, the ‘Visit of Heart of Borneo’, a multi-year campaign to promote HoB as an ecotourism destination was launched at the building of Tarakan Mayor's office. Then on the October 12th, a business meeting was also held with the theme of "Seeking Sustainable Funding for Green Economy Development in the Heart of Borneo region".

To close the whole series of "The Heart of Borneo Week" event, the participants joined in a field trip to museums and mangrove forests in Tarakan.
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The speakers were the representative from three countries of HoB, for instance from the governments, academician and civil society
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Dialogue of policy makers consisted of representatives from the HoB countries and North Kalimantan local government.
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Visit the Heart of Borneo, HoB, Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia
Visit the Heart of Borneo
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Heart of Borneo, HoB, North Kalimantan, Tarakan, 10th Anniversary, Arman
Students from SMA Negeri 1, Tarakan participate at the photo tour, showcasing photos of WWF HoB work in Sabah, Sarawak and Kalimantan provinces.
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