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From the Danube basin to the Carpathian Mountains, we call our region the Green Heart of Europe.

It includes many of Europe’s most spectacular remaining wilderness areas and some of the largest remaining area of virgin and natural forests.

They are home to two-thirds of the European populations of bears, lynx and wolves.

The region boasts most of Europe’s last remaining intact rivers and wetlands, including the Danube Delta.

The Danube shelters the sturgeons that survived the end of the dinosaurs but now teeter on the edge of extinction.

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Latest news from the Green Heart of Europe
24 Jun 2019

Targeting the art and designing audience can help us to accelerate our impact.

21 Jun 2019

The reintroduction of another European bison herd in the Southern Carpathians rewilding area ...

21 Jun 2019

The EU has dealt climate leadership a devastating blow.

20 Jun 2019

European model region for nature protection and sustainable regional development coming into being.

19 Jun 2019

CEE leaders have an important opportunity to tip the scales in favour of climate neutrality goals, ...

18 Jun 2019

Beginning at the Fish Farm, the 550km of cycling routes are designed with both electric and normal ...

17 Jun 2019

Improving Long-Term Local Livelihoods in Parallel with Biodiversity Conservation along the Danube ...

14 Jun 2019

The E-Mobility Network will strengthen human and social capital in protected areas in the ...

13 Jun 2019

The training enabled the new Danube Guides to better design their own innovative touristic offers ...

13 Jun 2019

First breach was made today in the Vezins Dam – the biggest dam removal in Europe to date.

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Pirin National Park 
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Pirin: the forest with the Balkan's oldest tree under threat
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​Why care about the Danube-Carpathian region

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Europe’s greatest natural treasures provide us with essential goods and services: from timber and fish to clean water and climate regulation, and the essential “green infrastructure” that secures our livelihoods and well-being.
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