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Narwhal tracker

Representatives from WWF Canada worked with a field crew to fit satellite tags to a number of narwhals in the region of North Baffin Island, Canada.
These satellite tags allow us to follow the movements of the narwhal as they go about their annual feeding and reproductive routines, in order to better understand these unique creatures.

Follow the latest group of tagged narwhals, from August 2016, below:


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How we track narwhals

See how the narwhals were netted, fitted with transmitters, and safely released.

Project partners


There are many great partners on this project, from experienced hunters from the local Mittimatilik Hunters and Trappers Organisation, to veterinary experts, research scientists, logistical support staff, and of course WWF as a wildlife conservation organisation. It takes at least 15 people on a field crew to be able to catch and handle these whales properly, and so we are totally grateful and dependent on each other in order to both fund and then complete the necessary fieldwork. We all really appreciate the local community’s (Pond Inlet) kindness and willingness to share knowledge and friendship and time to allow this great project to succeed, and to host the visiting researchers in these beautiful landscapes.


Updates on the narwhals’ positions are provided by our partners, the narwhal specialists from Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Canada.

Please note: The maps and the data used to generate these maps are the exclusive property of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada and any reproduction is strictly prohibited.

The maps presented on this site have been collated by WWF, and any questions can be sent to Brandon Laforest, Arctic species specialist at WWF-Canada.

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