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Voyage for the Future

Voyage for the Future ambassadors ask: Are you on board?
© WWF / Casper ter Kuile

There is no time to lose and no reason to wait. Climate change solutions exist today. The Voyage for the Future ambassadors call on the world’s governments and business leaders to:

•    Take responsibility for creating a secure future for the next generation
•    Initiate action to reverse climate change
•    Commit to cut emissions and move beyond petroleum

CLICK HERE to read more about the Voyage for the Future call to action.

Ambassadors say: Take action now!

18 young adults from 9 countries participated in a ten-day expedition in June 2008 that took them along the coast of Svalbard and taught them about climate change science and the global feedback effects associated with rising Arctic temperatures.

Voyage participants now serve as WWF ‘Ambassadors for Change’, sharing their knowledge to stimulate broad public support for measures to radically reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

CLICK HERE to find out more about our Ambassadors, or CLICK HERE to read blog excerpts and see photos from the voyage.

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Day nine: Take action! Take action!

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Playing with the huskies at the Polish research station at Hornsund, Svalbard
Russian volunteers Ekaterina and Dmitry describe their visit to a research station, and take one last trip in the Zodiacs, dodging jagged floating sea ice and bearded seals.
Today we made it to the Polish Research station in Hornsund. It was created in 1957 and ever since it has much improved: the station itself is modernly equipped, consists of several laboratories and bedrooms for the scientists.  CLICK HERE to read more ...

Day eight: Whales and thoughts

	© WWF / Sindre Kinnerød
The Voyage for the Future vessel, the Aleksey Maryshev
© WWF / Sindre Kinnerød
Swedish Ambassadors Nanny-Maja and Sven report for the Voyage for the Future ahead of their last night on the boat, and say the voyage for the present is just getting started.
Nothing beats the Arctic, this is the most beautiful place we’ve even been, and for every day that passes out here it’s getting clearer and clearer to us how magnificent and wonderful the world is. CLICK HERE to read more ...

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