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The Alps ecoregion conservation plan

Posted on 04 April 2005    
Tranquil moment in the Swiss Alps (canton of Ticin
Eight years ago, WWF initiated a programme to halt the loss of biodiversity worldwide. Over 200 areas of the globe were recognized as being especially significant for maintaining biodiversity.
The Alps are one of these ecoregions. 
Only in the last few years political authorities have begun to recognize the Alps as a coherent structure and thus were able to carry out a pan-Alpine policy aimed at preserving the rich natural heritage of the Alps.

Together with the pan-Alpine networks of scientific research (ISCAR), protected areas (ALPARC) and NGOs (CIPRA), WWF has laid down the necessary foundations for this work to progress. Today, we know which areas in the Alpine Region deserve special attention with regard to their biodiversity.
But knowledge alone is not enough. We need concrete measures and action to halt the daily loss of biodiversity and to preserve the natural resources in the long term. WWF has therefore developed an Ecoregional Action Plan and will contribute to its implementation.
The goal of preserving biodiversity cannot be reached by any single NGO. The Action Plan is therefore primarily an invitation to everyone, whether living and working in the Alps, using alpine resources or coming here as a visitor.

Let us address this challenge together! The unique natural richness of the Alps and their beautiful landscape hearten us to do so.

Andreas Weissen, WWF European Alpine Programme
Tranquil moment in the Swiss Alps (canton of Ticin
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