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Lech river restoration project

Posted on 25 February 2005

The natural restoration and conservation of river Lech, Tyrol, Austria, is a success story. Learn a little more about it.

The 4,138 hectares of the Natura 2000-region of the Lech River valley (Tyrol, Austria) are the setting for a very important LIFE-nature conservation project.
The Lech river has transformed the valley it runs through into a natural paradise.

Wide areas of alluvial forest with softwood water meadows (Salici-Myricarietum, Salicion eleagno-daphnoidis), alder and ash water meadows (Alnenion glutinoso-incanae) and dry pine water meadows (Dorycnio-Pinetum) edge the wild river.
Large, dynamically changing branches of water are still possible in the parts where the river bed is very wide. The montane and sub-alpine regions on the sides of the chalk alpine Lech valley are partly very steep and inaccessible and are well timbered with natural woods (Tilio-Acerion, Aceri-Fagenion etc.).

But also there where the landscape has been farmed for centuries, remarkable habitats have developed (Trisetion, Festuco-Brometea, Molinion etc.).
River in Lech Valley, near Forchach, Tirol. Austria
© Anton Vorauer / WWF