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The European Alpine Programme (EALP) aligns and coordinates WWF's conservation work across the Alps ecoregion through the support of four national organisations: WWF Austria, WWF France, WWF Italy, and WWF Switzerland.
The EALP office is based in Bellinzona, Switzerland and is composed of the Programme Director, the PCA Coordinator, and two topical Team Leaders. Country Coordinators based in each of the four WWF Alpine National Offices are responsible for aligning national conservation work to the priorities of the EALP. These Country Coordinators also form the Board of the EALP - the official 'decision-makers' who help steer the progress of the EALP.

EALP Office

	© Google Maps
© Google Maps
P. Indipendenza 6
Casella postale
6501 Bellinzona
Tel: +41 91 820 60 00
Fax: +41 91 820 60 08
	© Sergio Savoia
© Sergio Savoia

Sergio Savoia
Programme Director
Tel: +41 91 820 60 81
Email Sergio

	© Simon Inauen
© Simon Inauen

Danielle Gugolz
Large Carnivore Team Leader
Tel: +41 91 820 60 84
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	© Guido Trivellini
© Guido Trivellini
Guido Trivellini
Priority Conservation Areas Coordinator
Tel: +39 02 83133290
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	© Joanna Schoenenberger
© Joanna Schoenenberger
Joanna Schoenenberger
Brown Bear Expert
Project Leader (Laghi Insubrici)
Tel: +41 91 820 60 04
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Country Coordinators

WWF Switzerland

	© WWF
Walter Wagner
Programme Leader (WWF CH)
Tel:  +41 44 297 22 52
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WWF France

	© Jean-Christophe Poupet
© Jean-Christophe Poupet
Jean-Christophe Poupet
Programme Officer (WWF F)
Email Jean-Christophe

WWF Austria

Bernhard Kohler
Programme Leader (WWF A)
Email Bernhard

WWF Italy

Mauro Belardi
Tel: +39 02 83133217
Email Mauro
Fabrizio Bulgarini
Head of Conservation (WWF I)
Email Fabrizio

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