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The Top 10 Scary (Sounding) Destinations

Thorny devil (<i>Moloch horridus</i>) making tracks in the sand, endemic to desert ... rel=
Thorny devil, one of many unique desert species of the Australian Outback.
© WWF / Martin HARVEY
They may sound scary and forbidding but these natural destinations are home to rich biodiversity, rare species, cultural heritage and spectacular landscape.
More scary than their names are the threats they face - urban development, pollution, deforestation, overfishing, drought and global warming.

They are actually beautiful places that need to be protected and safeguarded for future generations to enjoy and explore.

Still not scared?

Then perhaps you should visit the Forbidden Forest, the fictional woodlands of Harry Potter.

Many of the weird and wonderful creatures inhabiting the wizarding world are drawn from myth, imagination and the realms of fantasy. However, our own muggle world is host to many scary and weird creatures who would not be out of place among the trolls, centaurs and werewolfs which haunt the corridors of Hogwarts.

Check out WWF's Harry Potter Top 10 species.

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