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Lesser Bird of Paradise

Lesser Bird of Paradise

Lesser Bird of Paradise

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Birds of Paradise belong to the family Paradisaeidae. There are about 45 species, of which Lesser Birds of Paradise is one. The Lesser Birds of Paradise (Paradisaea minor) are found in lowland rainforests of New Guinea and other adjacent islands.

Lesser Birds of Paradise are extremely attractive and show fascinating courting behaviour.

Lesser Birds of Paradise are omnivorous, and their food consists largely of fruit, insects, and snails.

They are endemic to their homelands and do not migrate - a bird of paradise is depicted on the flag of Papua New Guinea.

Your chances of seeing one in the wild
Some species of the birds of paradise are endangered due to hunting for their colourful plumage, which is used in various dresses and rituals.

 Habitat destruction, mainly deforestation is also a threat to their survival.

The Lesser bird of Paradise is still rated to be at "lower risk", but its habitat - the tropical rainforest of Papua New Guinea and Irian Jaya are increasingly threatened and disappearing fast.

Today these birds enjoy legal protection, and hunting is allowed only to fulfill ceremonial needs of the local tribal population.

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