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Annual Report 2017 of WWF-Vietnam

Posted on 29 May 2018

The highlight of WWF-Vietnam works in 2017.
“Vietnam took a significant step in November 2016 by hosting the Hanoi Conference on Illegal Wildlife Trade, the third in a series of conferences for heads of state to discuss and address illegal wildlife trade at a global scale. In line with previous commitments, Vietnam stated it would continue combating this illegal trade and take several steps towards concrete actions, which have already begun in the months following the conference. Seizures of high-value illegal wildlife products such as ivory and rhino horn have increased since then and the Government is pushing for these cases to be investigated further so they can be taken to court and convictions can be made. These e orts are very positive as they will provide a strong and essential deterrent for those involved in trading these illegal products. WWF will continue supporting government e orts to reduce the impacts of illegal wildlife trade in Vietnam through strengthening law enforcement and impacting consumer demand to put an end to this trade. 

In addition, this year WWF has started supporting elephant conservation in Yok Don National Park, a priority habitat for the largest remaining wild elephant population in Vietnam. Together, we have developed the wild elephant conservation strategy and started training rangers to improve the protection of this area. We will be monitoring the elephant population to understand their movement patterns, support local communities to avoid conflicts with them, and secure their future in an increasingly threatened habitat. 

In collaboration with WWF-Cambodia, we have embarked on the very ambitious initiative to reintroduce tigers to the Eastern Plains Landscape. Welcoming back this iconic species will require a significant increase in landscape protection to ensure prey is available and habitat is secured. This endeavour has already received the endorsement of the Government of Cambodia and we hope the Government of Vietnam is equally supportive so that Vietnam can play its vital role in successfully bringing back this charismatic predator.” 

Dr Van Ngoc Thinh
Country Director, WWF-Vietnam 
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