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Sucunduri River, Mato Grosso, Brazil

Protecting river flows critical for global water supplies and sustainable development, says WWF report

With nearly half the world’s population affected by water scarcity and demand for freshwater continuing to soar, a WWF report released today at the ...

18 Sep 2017 Read more »
The Beluga Sturgeon (Huso huso) is the biggest freshwater fish in the world.

WWF launches last-ditch effort to save world’s wild sturgeons

New strategy to conserve most endangered group of fish

15 Sep 2017 Read more »
Aerial view of Cerrado savannah area, Juruena National Park, Brazil.

Environmentalists ask markets to help stop the destruction of the Cerrado

In a manifesto, WWF-Brazil and over 40 other environmental organizations in Brazil reveal that the agribusiness sector can prevent the destruction of ...

11 Sep 2017 Read more »
Two Siberian tigers (Panthera tigris altaica)

Wild tigers to return to Kazakhstan 70 years after going extinct

08 Sep 2017 Read more »
Stiegler’s Gorge on the Rufiji River in Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania.

WWF expresses concern about Stiegler’s Gorge hydropower dam development in Tanzania

In response to the release of the invitation to tender for building Stiegler’s Gorge hydropower dam at the heart of the Selous Game Reserve, WWF ...

01 Sep 2017 Read more »
Foto: Confluencia de los ríos Teles Pires y Juruena, formando el río Tapajós. Mato Grosso, Amazonas, Brasil

381 new species discovered in the Amazon

As report reveals that a new plant or animal species was discovered in the Amazon every 2 days between 2014-2015, WWF urges action to protect world’s ...

31 Aug 2017 Read more »

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