Management of Vondrozo Forest Corridor, Vondrozo, Fianarantsoa (Atsimo Atsinanana Region)

 / ©: WWF / Nathaniel QUANSAH
Tavy - the slash & burn method of agricultural practice is main threat to habitat loss.
© WWF / Nathaniel QUANSAH
The Vondrozo Forest Corridor is 70km long and approx 10km wide and links the Reserves of the Vondrozo Forest and the Pic D’Ivohibe.

The Vondrozo Forest Corridor is rich in biodiversity with approx. 65 plant species, 7 species of lemurs and more than 60 bird species, most of which are endemic to Madagascar.

However, local communities are very dependent on the forest and a lot of slash and burn (“tavy”) and hunting takes place in this area.

The aim of the WWF project is to assist and motivate the local communities to identify ways to manage their natural resources in a more sustainable manner.

One of the main activities is to create awareness on the importance of the forest and the transfer of forest management to the local communities.

September-December 2010

La Randonée du Corridor Forestier de Vondrozo

Un film à propos du Programme Holistique de Conservation des Forêts Humides de Madagascar par les volontaires de Vondrozo

May-August 2008

April-June 2007

...carried out the zoning and mapping of a new protected forest corridor and raised awareness on conservation amongst the local communities

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