Conservation of Toliara Coral Reef, Toliara Province

Mangrove tree; Toliara, Madagascar
© John E. NEWBY / WWF
WWF’s goal is to create the first marine park to conserve the Toliara reef system, a goal that is clearly justified insofar that this ecosystem is the 3rd largest coral reef area in the world and is therefore of major international importance.

The recent increase in threats faced by the Toliara reef is also a clear rationale for the project.

Having a wide range of partners with a broad array of complementary skills is clearly a big advantage in developing a functional and effective marine park for the Toliara reef system.

The new marine park will also help stimulate the introduction of improved fishing and collecting practices throughout the region, and the protected sites help stocks to recover over the entire area.


	© WWF
Ambohibola volunteers, August 2011


	© WWF / Emelie Norhagen
Our group in Salary
© WWF / Emelie Norhagen

Maromena & Befasy, September-December 2009

Itampolo, July-September 2007

...worked with local fishing communities to create awareness about sustainable fishing practices.

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