Conservation of the Simpona and its Habitat, Andapa (Antsiranana Province)

Simpona Fotsys or Silky Sifaka
© Jeff Gibbs
The Simpona or Silky sifaka (Propithecus diadema candidus) is a rare and critically endangered species of lemur that is endemic to a very small mountainous area in Northeastern Madagascar.

This project will help protect the Simpona through a variety of conservation awareness and environmental education programmes for local communities.

In addition, the project also aims to produce very real benefits for the local villagers themselves, for example, through community events and clubs, school field trips, and improved economies (and thus improved quality of life) from increased ecotourism.

October-December 2007

...monitored and continued the activities relating to the “Amis des Lémuriens” in their local communities, as well as participating in a forest inventory to survey different tree types and identify lemur habitats

August-October 2006

...initiated the “Amis des Lémuriens” association in their local communities as well as organized the “Journées des Lémuriens” to raise awareness about the threats to the Simpona

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