Population, Health, Environment – Successful Communities from Ridge to Reef, Fort Dauphin (Toliara Province)

Spiny forest, Madagascar
The programme aims at promoting sustainable conservation of biodiversity in pilot sites surrounded to targeted priority areas of the Spiny Forest Ecoregion by addressing identified population threats.

To fulfill this long term goal, it tries to contribute to the reduction of biodiversity loss through promotion of awareness, attitudes and behaviour that are positive to the natural environment. That these are specifically related to the ability and motivation of people to take part in conservation,  population growth, and sustainable use of natural resources.

It is to be noted that short term achievements are expected to contribute to mid and long term impacts

February-May 2008

This team worked on raising awareness in local communities on sustainable use of wood introducing economic stoves to reduce use of wood, introducing ways of composting, adoption of better methods of hygiene.

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