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Ideas and Reality

Posted on 20 August 2014    
Some of our WWF office staff
© WWF Bhutan
Before I went to Bhutan I had clear Ideas that I will participate in studies such as the Snow leopard study, the Black-Bear study, the freshwater biodiversity survey, etc. I thought that people will fully appreciate the fact that I joined them to conduct some studies and collect further information about the park and its inhabitants.

In retrospect am not sure how I imagined all these ideas, as there were actually many uncertainties and the concept sounded good but there were no specific assignments, except for the guarantee that I can participate in the studies mentioned above.
Unfortunately reality was quite a bit different and things turn out to be different, as the park had financial issues and this led to a difficult situation as we were not able to conduct any studies for a longer stretch of time. Another important point was my own behavior which may have been counterproductive as I was very excited and tried to push everything forward as fast as possible without really understanding the system and the people. Now I am thankful my co-workers were tolerant and helpful to still support me in the ways that they were able to.  

After a few months I realized that it had adjust my (overenthusiastic) pace and enjoy what I was able to do. This was not easy as we had a huge struggle with the funds and this lead to the postponement and abortion of several projects. From this experiences I have learnt to be more patient in the beginning, but also started to understand how different work cultures and work structures strongly affect the productivity and ambition of the people working in the office, but also that there was a fascination for nature in everybody working in this area, which was a beautiful experience. 
Some of our WWF office staff
© WWF Bhutan Enlarge

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