WWF 40th Anniversary Celebrations

Posted on 25 March 2010    
Wearing my Indian dress for the WWF India 40th Anniversary party
© WWF / Hannah Chisholm
While on the youth volunteer project I was also lucky enough to be present for WWF India’s 40th Anniversary celebrations. This was a big mile stone for the organisation and as such needed to be commemorated. The event was due to take place on a Saturday evening and in order to feel fully involved I decided to take myself shopping and to find something Indian to wear. I didn’t think that I would be able to pull off a Sari (or that I would ever wear it again in the UK) so I decided instead to get a Salwar Kameez which consists of very loose fitting, light-weight trousers, and a long tunic like top. As with everything in India it was very colourful but also very classy and I enjoyed getting dressed up and really feeling part of the India community. The party took place at the WWF head office in Delhi and the whole building was beautifully decorated with candles and streamers. Over the course of the evening we were entertained with singing, dancing, both traditional and modern music, plays, speeches, awards and a lovely buffet on the roof top balcony. One specific point that I remember was during the speech by Ravi Singh CEO of WWF-India when he listed some of the achievements that the organisation has made, I was amazed and thought that it must have taken ages to do all of that work....but then he went on to say that all of those things had been done within the past year! It was then that I realised how much good progress is being achieved by WWF and how hard these people must work in order to get those results. There are people working in field offices spread far and wide across India who may live in very basic conditions to do the job that they love and it’s good to know that their hard work does pay off. Despite the progress though everyone is aware of how much more there is still to do, with so many animals and habitats at risk people must keep striving to do more to help.
Wearing my Indian dress for the WWF India 40th Anniversary party
© WWF / Hannah Chisholm Enlarge

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