What to expect along the road to volunteering with WWF

The reality is this

Not everyone who applies will be successful, but here's what you can expect should your application make it gradually down the road to the field...

  1. Fill in and submit your application form - obvious, yup, but just making sure we cover all bases :-)

  2. Those lucky ones who make it to the next stage will get an email to arrange for a telephone call to chat about the possibility of becoming a volunteer. This should happen within about 8 to 12 weeks of the closing of the round of recruitment for the next volunteer phase.

  3. You are then asked to submit references (employer & personal - you will find a template at the bottom of the application form), following which the final selection is made!

  4. Pass that with flying colours and you'll be sent details of how, when, and where you'll be posted... and what you'll need to get done in the meantime. If you're at this stage, you're going all the way.... congratulations.

Don't give up!

Just to say - if you don't make it the first time round, don't give up. Hey! If it's one quality that will be admired it will be the fact that indeed you don't give up.
So how will you know when new positions will be open so you can re-apply?

At the moment the best way to stay informed would be to sign up for the WWF newsletter.

Admittedly this is not the best deal for you as you'll have to put up with us talking about other conservation stuff in the intervening time. But, fact is we simply don't have the reseources yet to create a seperate mailing list just for this Volunteer Programme.  Sorry about that folks. One day, one day...

Anyway - best of luck with your application - and don't forget - any problems or questions you can email yvp@wwfint.org.

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