What we need from you in return for changing your life...

Here's the deal

Whether you want to get out into the field or engaged in one of WWF's priority conservation programmes in such areas as policy & advocacy or communications, WWF will invest its time, energy and resources to enable you to experience first hand what conservation work is all about.

But this isn't one way traffic.

In return, WWF wants you to inspire the rest of the world.

There is a huge if not massive number of people out there who would give their right arm, left leg and back teeth in order to get a shot at being a WWF volunteer or intern (figuratively speaking , of course :-).

Obviously we can't help everyone - as much as we'd like to make the most of this massive army of caring, passionate and committed people.

So the next best thing is that those lucky people who get to go out into the field must report back to their kindred souls out there.

WWF wants its volunteers to write, take photos, create videos, make sound recordings - whatever inspires you - in order to inspire others.

To get the thousands of friends-you-have-not yet-met, with your help, to have a feel for what it's like on the ground. What the reality is of working with a real-life lives-matter conservation project.

We want your experiences. Your thoughts. Your insights. Your creativity.

There's no right or wrong thing to say, so long as you are just being honest and telling it like it is.

That's the deal.

As a WWF volunteer or intern you're going to have, and come back with, a wealth of experience and we'd like you to pass that on.
  • Take part in discussions.
  • Encourage other people not as lucky as you, post your experiences, insights and thoughts on the environment in which communities live, or which you've visited.
  • Act, given your status, almost as a mentor for others. To raise awareness about what you know and what you've learnt, so that all those others out there who care just as passionately as you about our environment can benefit from and be inspired by your own successes.
  • To interact with each other, pass on knowledge and exchange experiences... you will be part of an Alumni platform on Facebook composed of all WWF volunteers, interns and Prince Bernhard scholars.

We hope this is not too much to ask in return for changing your life...?

This, you've got to read:

If you are serious about being a volunteer, then:

  • You need about Euros 2500 for your roundtrip airfare, visa, vaccinations and food
  • You should be 20-27 years old
 / ©: WWF / Colina Frisch
Bhutan - opening the new community hall.
© WWF / Colina Frisch

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