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Youth Volunteer Internship Programme

WWF Volunteer in Madagascar, October 2006 - jumping the air above a dirt track, with mountains and forest in the distance.
© Julien Chupin

So. You want to save the planet?

You're young and you've got a brain. Added to this, you've got a passion for the planet. All you need is the opportunity.
WWF is running a global volunteer/internship programme for a select number of young people in such places as Bhutan, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Cambodia, Vietnam, Kenya, Madagascar, Bolivia, Paraguay.

To take part we'll make you jump through several hoops  - namely a torturous application form.

But if you get selected....

If you've got what it takes...

You are going to be in for the experience of a lifetime...

What you've already got...

  • A commitment to conservation
  • An ability to adapt to changing situations
  • An ability to work respectfully in cross-cultural situations
  • An ability to take direction from supervisors
  • The confidence to provide feedback to supervisors
  • A collaborative approach to working with colleagues
  • A capacity for ongoing learning
  • A keen interest to work with local communities

What you'll work on...

For example, you could find yourself working in a local community on a WWF Madagascar project such as:

What you'll learn...

  • Gain an insight and awareness of conservation as WWF practices it
  • Get an idea of the day-to-day reality & living standards of people in developing nations
  • Increase your cross-cultural understanding
  • Significantly improve your communication skills
  • Enhance your teamwork skills
  • Evolve your self-reliance skills
  • Improve your innate adaptability


Check our current Volunteer/Internship Openings before submitting an application. Our assignments also include 'virtual' volunteering opportunities.


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Volunteer Interns in WWF Priority Programmes

Danube-Carpathian Programme
  • Corporate Partnerships, WWF Romania: Ms Alexandra Mircea (finished at the end of March 2017)
  • Policy Intern, WWF Romania: Ms Andreea Danciu (finishing at the end of May 2017)
  • Volunteer for the Fundraising Program, WWF Bulgaria: Mr Kostadin Andonov (finished assignment at the end of March 2017 and received a permanent role with WWF Bulgaria)
  • Volunteer for the Fish Forward Project, WWF Bulgaria: Ms Kalina Boyadzhieva (finished at the end of March 2017 and received a permanent role with WWF Bulgaria)
  • Volunteer for the Freshwater team: WWF Romania: Mr Eugen Plop (finishing assignment at the end of April 2017)
  • Communication Assistant: Ms Narindra Aina Rasolofoarisandy (assignment finishes at the end of April 2017)
  • Fundraising volunteer: Ms Valohery Samsarah Andrianjaka (finishing at the end of May 2017)
  • Volunteer based in Morondava and Maintirano: Ms Nathaly Ratsimivony (finishing 31 May 2017)
  • Group of volunteers (February-May 2017): Ms Evelyne Rakotorahalahy, Ms Onja Rabarison, Ms Marie Josee Herimampianina, Ms Sirine Johnston, Ms Lena Fuchs,


  • Communications Coordinator: Ms Anney Pang (finishing assignment in June 2017)

Pacific/Solomon Islands

  • Research, Editorial & Fundraising support: Ms Nicholine Poulsen (finished assignment at the beginning of April 2017)
Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
  • Communications: Ms Glodis Kabamba (finished 6 months assignment at the end of March 2017)
Greater Mekong/Cambodia/Laos
  • Cambodia: Conservation Intern: Mr Alexander Wyatt (finishing assignment at the end of May 2017)
  • Cambodia: Communication Assistant: Ms Shruti Suresh (finishing assignment at the end of May 2017)
  • Laos: Communication volunteer: Mr Andrew William Tulk (finishing assignment at the end of May 2017)
  • Communication Intern: Mr Sloann Eugene Ndembet Nzaou (finishing end June 2017)
Regional Office for Africa
  • Communications intern (based in Nairobi): Ms Lulu Langat (finishing at the end of May 2017)
  • Communications intern (based in Cameroon, Yaoundé): Mr Daniel Ange Djonrewang Tabouli (finishing at the end of May 2017)


Virtual Volunteers

WWF Madagascar
  • Communications
    Bilyana Spasova, Bulgaria
WWF International
  • Digital Content:
    Dorcus Arao, Uganda
    Illy Arnaudova, Bulgaria
    Rina Herzl, USA
    Beatrice Jurskyte, Lithuania
    Maryline Mangenot, France
    Dannee McGuire, UK
    Marina Monzeglio, Italy
    Elizabeth Scanlan, Ireland
    Katie Stoppiello, USA

    to help produce WWF success stories and Conservation Highlights
  • Global & Regional Policy
    Rory Wilson, UK
    to support WWF’s work on the Sustainable Development Goals

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