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  • Mr Yahia Amri has joined WWF-Indonesia in 2007 as GIS officer. Later, in 2012 was promoted to Spatial Planning Coordinator. The Master of Forestry Science Program in the faculty of forestry at the University of Tanjungpura will help on recommendations and inputs for the government and stakeholders regarding the actual condition of deforestration in West Kalimantan Province and also to find the best scenario to avoid deforestration with sustainable spatial planning approach.
  • Mr Yudi Agusrin Syahir is the Stakeholder Engagement Senor Officer in the Central Sumatra Program in WWF-Indonesia. The knowledge that he will obtain from the Magister in Environment and Development programme at the National University of Malaysia will facilitate him in better planning, implementing and monitoring activities in the RIMBA Corridor.
  • Mr Purevdorj Surenkhorloo is a freshwater and climate change specialist in WWF-Mongolia since 2012. After his short course on using IWRM as a Tool for Adaptation to Climate Change 2016 at the UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education in the Netherlands, he could contribute to develop the new consevartion strategy  for the coming years in Mongolia.
  • Mr Rishi Ranabhat is currently working at the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation in Nepal. After undertaking a 2-year master programme at the University of Pokhara in Natural Resource Management, he'll be using his expertise to improve the consevation efforts through integrating the knowledge into the policies and strategies in Nepal.
  • Ms Thi Cam Nhung Pham has been working for WWF-Vietnam since 2011 and has been responsible for several significant positions within the organisation such as policy coordinator, wildlife trade manager and currently sustainable energy manager. She will be attending a summer course at the College of Natural Resources, University of California on sustainable energy.  Not only that she will be improving her knowledge but gaining new skills and through networking helping to promote this fairly new sector in WWF-Vietnam.

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