The Living Planet Fund

An organ-utan stretching its arm out and touching the knee of a crouched man beside it. rel=
CEO of WWF Malaysia, Dr Dionysius S.K. Sharma, with 2 orang-utans. Malaysia.
© WWF-Malaysia/Lee Mee See

Reaching out for the Living Planet Fund

Support the vital conservation work that WWF carries out.
The Living Planet Fund means
  • Financial access to the growth potential of focused international equities
  • Portfolio decisions are taken by experienced, professional investment managers
  • Have the assurance that you will be supporting companies with a good ethical behaviours
  • The chance to support companies actively working to improve life on this planet

The Living Planet Fund invests in companies that have a proactive commitment to environmental and social issues and which are leaders in their industry sector.

Companies included in the Fund are measured against four sets of indicators:

  • environmental policy
  • production processes
  • social behaviour
  • adherence to externally certified standards

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