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Read about how easy it is to become a Check Out for Nature hotel - A letter from David Thomson, General Manager - Corporate Affairs at Jebel Ali International Hotels L.L.C.
Dear Hotel Managers,
Following on from the Leading Hotels of the World annual convention in Barcelona and in keeping with the theme of ‘Responsible Management’ I wanted to share with you one of the initiatives that the Jebel Ali Golf Resort & Spa has been involved in during 2006 and I hope by sharing this with you will encourage you to take part in 2007.

I am referring to the combined WWF and Leading Hotels of the World initiative called “Check Out for Nature” which was originally launched at the Convention in Delhi in 2005 but inexplicably only saw a couple of hotels get involved with this year.

The initiative is really extremely simple, has a minimal administrative element and costs the hotel effectively nothing.

Quite simply all guests are given upon check-in a leaflet explaining that as part of an initiative to raise awareness and funds for the WWF one Euro will be added to their bill which will go directly to WWF. The guest of course has the right to ask for this to be removed.

The finance department simply opens up a new account for WWF and at the end of every month the money is transferred to the WWF bank account. Nothing could be simpler and less than 5% of our guests have asked to have the charge removed from their bill with a result that we are able to send an average of Euros 2,500 a month to the WWF.

I would therefore encourage you to include your property in this excellent initiative in 2007.

However should you require further information please do not hesitate to contact Ana C Ferrer-Day the creator of this initiative or Koen Beyaert from WWF or the visit the website It just remains for me to wish you Season’s Greetings and a very Happy and ‘Responsible’ New Year.

Kind regards,

David Thomson

General Manager - Corporate Affairs
Jebel Ali International Hotels L.L.C.

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