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Do you feel that protecting the ocean and its wildlife is challenging?

Think again. By paying close attention to the type of seafood you eat, you can help WWF to revive our ocean and sustain it for generations to come.

Get to know your seafood

We've made it easy for you. Check out the seafood guides below and make sure you always carry a copy with you, or have one of the mobile apps at your fingertips.

Belgium seafood guide
(French - link to web page with link to download the PDF)
(Dutch - link to web page with link to download the PDF )
Denmark seafood guide
Finland seafood guide
Germany seafood guide

Austria seafood guide
Bulgaria seafood guide

Romania seafood guide
Slovenia seafood guide
Croatia seafood guide
Greece seafood guide
Turkey seafood guide
Hong Kong seafood guide
Indonesia seafood guide
Italy seafood guide
Malaysia seafood guide
Netherlands seafood guide
Norway seafood guide
Poland seafood guide
Russia seafood guide
Singapore seafood guide
South Africa sustainable seafood guide
Sweden seafood guide
Spain seafood guide
France seafood guide 
Portugal seafood guide  

Find out more about the methodology behind our seafood guides here

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  • Always look out for seafood with the distinctive blue MSC label. This gives you a simple way to identify - and purchase - fish from well-managed sources.

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