Overview matrix of company scores 2006

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(Arrows indicate changes since the 2005 scoring)

For detailed evaluation of subject area, comparing the companies, please select from the following:

About the scoring Method:
The tissue scoring is based on 6 sections which contain 43 specific questions and around 150 indicators against which the companies are assessed. The scoring in 2006 is largely comparable to the scoring in 2005 although some questions have changed to more effectively evaluate the companies.

It is possible that in some sections higher or lower scores are not just due to changes in company performance. Actual changes by the companies are pointed out in the detailed scoring texts as well as in the full scoring report. Please note that the scoring reports in 2005 and 2006 have both been third party audited by an independent scoring specialist.

View the full scoring of the companies and audit report 2006 (PDF format)

View the full scoring of the companies and audit report 2005 (PDF format)

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