Paper Company Environmental Index methodology

How WWF assessed companies for the Paper Company Environmental Index

Ten globally significant fine paper producers representing main markets were invited in late 2009 to participate in the first WWF fine paper company environmental assessment.

From publicly-available data...

First, WWF evaluated company performance based on publicly available data, including websites and corporate sustainability reports. privately-held information

Even though many companies have a substantial amount of environmental information available in the public arena, the often quite different type of reporting and units provided by each one did not allow WWF to base its evaluation only on publicly available information.

Therefore, WWF sent letters to selected ten fine paper companies giving them the opportunity to send WWF further information by filling out a questionnaire. Some of this information was provided to WWF in confidence.

Analysis and comparison

Five companies responded to WWF’s request. The data provided by the companies was then analyzed and compared with publicly available data to get sufficient evidence for rating the company's performance in each assessment criterion.

In case of inconsistencies, WWF asked companies to provide further clarification and evidence. A final set of scores was tallied based on the additional information received. Each company listed in the assessment was informed of its final score before the Paper Company Environmental Index was made public.

In the future, WWF will update the Paper Company Environmental Index every year based on new data provided by companies.
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WWF Paper Company Environmental Index

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  • The scope of this assessment did not allow for independent verification of all the information provided by companies for the Paper Company Environmental Index.
  • While the Index is largely informed by verifiable data and publicly available information, the Index is necessarily determined by WWF’s assessment of a company’s intentions and actions for responsible fibre sourcing, clean manufacturing and transparency.

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