Environmental Management & Transparency

Environmentally-committed paper producers are becoming increasingly aware of the need to be transparent about their practices and to communicate their performance publicly. In addition to clear reporting on environmental policy and performance, good reporting also addresses issues such as workers’ safety, transportation and interactions with local communities.

The WWF Paper Company Environmental Index measures how transparent companies are via a number of questions, such as:
  • does the company have ISO 14001 certification or equivalent for its mills?
  • is the company reporting according to a standard recommended in the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines?
  • has the company made its official fibre sourcing policy and actual percentage of recycled and credibly certified fibre use available to the public?
  • how comprehensively has the company made air, water and waste emissions data publicly available?
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Environmental management and transparency
How transparent are the paper companies? From the WWF Paper Company Environmental Index 2010
  • Best performance level: sum of best actual performance scores among all participating companies
  • Low performance level: sum of lowest actual performance scores among all participating companies
See the individual fibre sourcing scores for:
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The data used in the Environmental Index is from the year 2008.

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