Clean manufacturing

The pulp and paper industry is among the world’s largest users of energy and emitters of greenhouse gases, and a significant source of water pollution and landfill waste.

The WWF Paper Company Environmental Index measures:
  • how companies are reducing their footprint on climate and water
  • companies’ current energy use
  • fossil carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions
  • current levels of dry waste that goes to landfill
  • how much water the company uses
  • how effectively the mills clean their effluent water to minimize organic load and pollutants from the pulp bleaching process
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Clean production icon
How clean and efficient is the paper manufacturing process? From the WWF Paper Company Environmental Index
  • Best performance level: sum of best actual performance scores among all participating companies
  • Low performance level: sum of lowest actual performance scores among all participating companies
See the individual clean manufacturing scores for:
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Paper Company Index icons for barcharts
The Index criteria apply to both company policy and production, thus measuring each company's targets and actual performance. This includes most parameters in the company's own operations as well as the supply chain i.e. market pulp bought for production of the end product. The data used in the Environmental Index is from 2008.

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