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2010 Paper Company Environmental Index

WWF's Paper Company Environmental Index offers the worldwide paper business—from paper producers to  paper product buyers—the opportunity to learn about the environmental performance of major paper producing companies. At the same time, the Index provides a platform for paper producing companies to share their environmental responsibility in a transparent way. 
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Five globally significant fine paper manufacturers from the 10 companies WWF contacted— Domtar from North America, M-Real, Stora Enso and UPM from Europe and Mondi from South Africa/Europe — have been the first to voluntarily disclose their environmental profiles on WWF´s new online Paper Company Index in July 2010.

WWF applauds these companies for their leadership and transparency, and invites other fine paper and tissue companies to follow suit and show their boards of directors, business partners, shareholders, investors, paper buyers and communities what they have done to reduce their global ecological footprint.

An updated Paper Company Index rating will be published in April 2011 and companies that are willing to join should submit 2010 environmental data to WWF by the end of March 2011 (see contact details below).

Who is the Index for?

  • Businesses in the paper industry that wish to promote transparency and that are committed to change the industry’s business models, by showing leadership in environmental responsibility
  • Paper product buyers who are keen to learn about the environmental performance of the companies that produce the products they use
  • Paper industry stakeholders (e.g. investors, NGOs) seeking information on the environmental and risk profile of paper businesses

What are the results of the 2010 Index?

Total Score - Fine Paper Companies

  Mondi M-real* Stora-Enso UPM Domtar
Index score
(out of 100)
63.57 51.60 54.14 53.20 36.20
* data covers office papers only

What impacts did WWF assess and how?

WWF's Paper Company Environmental Index covers the major impacts of the paper industry on environment: and The criteria apply to both policy and production, hence measuring each company's targets and actual performance. The Index includes companies' own operations as well as those of the supply chain (e.g. market pulp bought for production of the end product). The data used in the Environmental Index is from 2008.

You can find out more about the assessment protocol by going to the methodology page.
WWF Paper Company Environmental Index

How can you get your company included in the next Index?

Contact the WWF International Paper team paperindex@forestconsulting.net  to learn about the steps to follow for your company to be assessed in the next update of the Index.


To get in touch with the WWF International Paper team, email us here.

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