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Clean Manufacturing results

The pulp and paper manufacturing processes use huge amounts of water and energy. Mills may also release many pollutants into the surrounding water and air as well as waste to landfill. The pulp and paper industry is further among the world’s largest emitters of greenhouse gases.
While new process technology has substantially reduced emissions from many mills, there is significant variation around the world and major polluting incidents still occur.
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EPI 2011 - Company Fiber Sourcing Results
The best scores on clean production
Scores per category above 60% of total achievable points:

68% Stora Enso
64% Arjowiggins Graphic

66% Sofidel

85% SCA Containerboard 
81% Cascades
72% Mondi 
68% Korsnäs (food and beverage packaging)


The WWF Paper Environmental Company Index 2011 measures compounds with major impacts on climate, human health and ecosystem vitality and for which the paper sector is a significant contributor to the global environmental footprint:
  • CO2 emissions
  • Current levels of dry waste that goes to landfill
  • How much water the company uses
  • How effectively the mills clean their effluent water to minimize organic load and pollutants from the pulp bleaching process
EPI 2011 - Environmental Management Systems & Transparency
EPI 2011 - Tissue companies

An important recognition that motivates us to do even more. Our investments in technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the work we have done to reduce water consumption in our production processes, and the commitment to reduce and reuse waste materials, are key elements of our commitment to sustainability.

LuigiLazzareschi, CEO of Sofidel Group

EPI 2011 - Clean manufacturing results
Please note that the clean production section scores are not comparable between the 2011 Index and WWF’s assessment in 2010 as some aspects of the scoring method were changed.

What WWF recommends

For a healthy environment, companies should promote:
  • Unbleached or chlorine free bleached paper (TCF/PCF)
  • Reduced CO2 emissions and waste
  • Reduced emissions to air and water

Top manufacturers NOT disclosing data

The producers below were invited to join the EPI 2011 in various categories but chose not to provide data on their environmental footprint to WWF
Amcor, CMPC, DS Smithz, Hansol Paper, Holmen, IlimPulp, Klabin, Lee&Man, Mayr-Melnhof Karton, Nine Dragons, Papierfabrik Palm, Prinzhorn Holding, SmurfitKappa; Hansol Paper, Lecta Europe, Lenzing, Portucel Soporcel, Sappi, Shandong Chenming, Georgia Pacific, Lucart Group, Sharma, SHP Group, WEPA

WWF will invite these again together with more companies for the next Environmental Paper Company Index, including from more regions.

► If you are interested to be invited for the next rating, please email us.

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