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About the 2011 Environmental Paper Company Index

WWF's Environmental Paper Company Index offers the worldwide paper business—from paper producers to paper product buyers—the opportunity to learn about the environmental performance of major paper producing companies.
At the same time, the Index provides a platform for paper producing companies to share their environmental responsibility in a transparent way.

Who is the Index for?

  • Businesses in the paper industry that wish to promote transparency and that are committed to change the industry’s business models, by showing leadership in environmental responsibility
  • Paper product buyers who are keen to learn about the environmental performance of the companies that produce the products they use
  • Paper industry stakeholders (e.g. investors, NGOs) seeking information on the environmental and risk profile of paper businesses

What impacts did WWF assess and how?

WWF's Environmental Paper Company Index covers the major impacts of the paper industry on the environment:
  • impacts on forest ecosystems from fibre sourcing (35% )
  • emissions from manufacturing processes such as water pollution and greenhouse gas emissions (35% ), and
  • corporate transparency (30% )
The criteria apply to both policy and production, hence measuring each company's targets and actual performance. The Index includes companies' own operations as well as those of the supply chain (e.g. market pulp bought for production of the end product).


  1. Approx. 50 major producers from the fine paper, packaging and tissue sectors were invited to participate in the 2011 Index, following the last iteration of the Index in 2010. 19 producers agreed to participate.
  2. WWF sent a questionnaire on the major impacts listed above to participating companies and analysed data provided by the companies.
  3. The companies were asked to submit evidence to substantiate data as needed, while publicly available data was also referenced.
  • The scope of this assessment did not allow for independent verification of all the information provided by companies for the WWF Environmental Paper Company Index.
  • While the Index is largely informed by verifiable data and publicly available information, the Index is necessarily determined by WWF’s assessment of a company’s intentions and actions for responsible fibre sourcing, clean manufacturing and transparency.

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