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Tools to support paper sustainability

The WWF Environmental Paper Company Index (EPCI) encourages continual improvement. WWF assists pulp and paper producers on their sustainability path.

  • WWF´s Global Forest and Trade Network (GFTN) - GFTN assists companies in overcoming responsible forest management and responsible fibre purchasing challenges while progressing towards credible certification. 
  • WWF´s Check Your Paper database – assists business to business information sharing on the forest, water and climate performance of paper brands. 
  • WWF´s Paper Guide contains practical guidance for producers and buyers covering the environmental issues of responsible forest management, efficient paper use, pollution and global warming.
  • The 6 Steps to responsible paper purchasing provide a snapshot overview online on what to look for in "green" paper sourcing.
  • The New Generations Plantations concept envisions forest plantations that maintain ecosystem integrity, protect high conservation values and are developed through effective stakeholder participation, while contributing to economic growth and employment. The New Generation Plantations platform collects knowledge and good practices in plantation forestry in order to promote better plantation management by sharing this information. 
  • The Water Risk Filter is a free online tool. covers all relevant water risk indicators, for all industries and all countries in the world
  • WWF`s Climate Savers programme is WWF’s global platform to engage business and industry on climate and energy issues.  
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