SCA has voluntarily and transparently disclosed their sustainability performance and targets on the following product categories:

Leadership in Transparency

EPCI 2013 Participant
Number of mills reported for this product category 44
Percentage of mills this represents of the overall number of company mills producing the product category 100%

  Responsible fibre sourcing* Clean manufacturing* Reporting & EMS Total
Points achieved/ total achievable points 92% 68% 53% 72.1%
* points achieved through current performance, policies and targets

Tonnes produced for categories reported on globally, annually:

2,670,000 tonnes

Responsible sourcing, manufacturing operations with a low impact on the climate and innovative and resource efficient products are all focal points for SCA’s development as an International company, We warmly welcome initiatives such as this by WWF as it helps us on our path toward continual improvements of operation’s and product’s.


WWF spotlight on significant progress since EPCI 2011 (authorized by the company)
SCA (Tissue) increased recycled fibre use and decreased GHG emissions, water use and waste to landfill.
Context info from the company
Since the last WWF EPCI report SCA has purchased the European Georgia Pacific and Procter and Gamble tissue operations which SCA has included in the overall SCA report.
Ratings are based on information received from the companies. Even though WWF asks for some evidence to substantiate data given, WWF is not verifying this information and relies on accurate data being provided by transparent producers.
SCA produces the following pulp and paper product categories: graphic paper, tissue, market pulp, container board, publication paper.

The evaluations of SCA´s Pulp, Packaging and Graphic Paper performance will be published here early 2014

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