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Environmental Paper Company Index 2013

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Transparency Matters

WWF recognizes the leadership in transparency of 25 of the world´s most important pulp and paper manufacturers, as demonstrated by their participation in the WWF Environmental Paper Company Index (EPCI) 2013.

The EPCI strengthens company efforts on transparency. WWF´s environmental lens adds credibility and understanding of company data.

Emmanuelle Neyroumande, Manager of WWF International Pulp and Paper Work

A significant part of the industry discloses their ecological footprint

The robust participation in the EPCI 2013 shows a real interest by companies to report on their efforts to reduce environmental impacts of their pulp and paper production.

Company involvement at a glance 
Forest-based industries, which rely on resources that can be renewed, will be key to conserving forests in the coming decades. Through sector wide ambitious environmental goals and maximum transparency the industry could take leadership in a "green" economy in an age of resource scarcity.

Read the press release here.

The companies recognized in EPCI 2013 for their transparency together produce:

29% of world's
28% of world's
14% of world's
14% of world's
6% of world's

Why the Environmental Paper Company Index?

  • it allows producers to publicly showcase leadership in transparency, promoting continual improvement in the sector
  • it shows to buyers of paper, investors and other stakeholders that the company takes environmental responsibility seriously.
  • it provides valuable feedback from an international environmental organization on a company´s pulp and paper production
  • it holds up a mirror and assists companies to reflect sustainability goals and targets
  • it aims to motivate and reward company efforts towards sustainability
  • it helps track a company´s and also the sector´s journey towards more sustainability and credits progress

The WWF EPCI 2013 puts more emphasis on transparency than on the scores of companies. It therefore does not provide a public comparison of companies but recognizes all participant´s leadership in transparency as key element of continual improvement. 

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