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The ecological and social footprint of paper

An insatiable thirst for trees
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No to wasteful paper use and irresponsible paper production

Around the world we use around 1 million tonnes of paper every day and the world´s paper hunger continues to increase.
Western Europe and North America alone consume over half of the world´s paper, too often in a wasteful manner. And yet there is a need for people in many developing countries to get better access to paper and the learning and health services it delivers.

Paper is a renewable, recyclable material, potentially with a lower footprint than substitute materials, if managed responsibly, but the sector's size and impacts are expanding.

In some regions the expanding production and harvesting of pulp wood threatens the last remaining natural forests, their precious fauna and flora, and the people who depend on them.


Yes to environmental and social best practice

Paper has been an integral part of our cultural development and helps to increase levels of literacy and democracy worldwide. “Green” paper production and consumption is possible and protects biodiversity, our natural environment and human rights.

Interactive map - environmental & social impacts of paper

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Buy "green" paper from environmental leaders in the industry. Do not buy paper that could be associated with....
...destruction of habitat with high conservation value, leading to the extinction of threatened species like the orangutan….

...badly established and managed plantations which threaten the livelihoods of forest dependent communities

...outdated mill technology which poisons the fauna and flora in the mills' surroundings 

...corruption and Illegal logging which leads to unsustainable forestry

...bad employment conditions which puts workers' health at risk

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Save Paper!

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    The Save Paper! section of the WWF website is a detailed guide that allows businesses and individuals to save paper and reduce its environmental impacts.

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