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Promoting transparency and saving time and money

Check Your Paper is WWF’s global database of eco-rated paper products for responsible producers, buyers, merchants and other distributors of paper products. It enables paper producers and merchants to list their products online and buyers to search transparent information on the environmental footprint of pulp and papers.

Promoting cooperation between buyers and suppliers

Check your Paper is a tool to assist paper buyers and suppliers to develop supply chain transparency, to share critical information that both informs buying decisions and enables buyers and sellers to co-operate.

A growing number of producers around the world see transparency as an important aspect of their corporate policy, helping them demonstrate that they take environmental and social responsibility seriously. However, it is often complex and time-consuming to communicate one´s environmental footprint, be that overall or for a specific product.

WWF´s Check Your Paper can help save time and reduce duplication. It is a user-friendly and accessible tool, focusing on the most relevant environmental indicator parameters and can be a good first step response to satisfy customer information needs.

Check your Paper rates the environmental quality of the paper-making process for a given product, including how well forests supplying fibre are managed, use of recycled fibre, fossil CO2 emissions, waste going to landfills and water pollution from mills. The results posted on the website need to get third party audited by accredited auditors. 

WWF encourages responsible buyers worldwide to choose suppliers who provide transparent information on the environmental footprint of their paper production. Search transparent brands on

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© WWF / Edward Parker

How the leading environmentally friendly paper purchasing tools complement each other.

A snapshot on WWFs database of ecorated papers

Save Paper!

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    The Save Paper! section of the WWF website is a detailed guide that allows businesses and individuals to save paper and reduce its environmental impacts.

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