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Will APP and APRIL deliver on their public commitments this time?

Find information regarding the activities of the 2 largest pulp and paper companies in Indonesia, APP (Asia Pulp and Paper) and APRIL (Asia Pacific Resources International Limited), along with WWF’s current position on the companies and the historical context.

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WWF is a member of the Environmental Paper Network in North America and Europe, Eyes of the Forest and RPHK (Kalimantan Forest Monitoring NGOs) in Indonesia.
WWF and other organisations have been working for more than 2 decades to get Sinar Mas Group’s APP and Royal Golden Eagle’s APRIL to stop the large-scale clearance of natural forest in Indonesia to produce pulp and paper.

What is the problem?

Eyes on the Forest (EoF), a coalition of local NGOs that includes WWF-Indonesia, has been monitoring the 2 groups’ field operations in Riau Province, Sumatra, since 2004.

In 2011, EoF estimated that more than 2 million hectares of forest had been cleared for APP alone to produce pulp in the last 30 years. Combined with additional deforestation caused by APRIL, these companies have caused substantial negative impacts on people, biodiversity (including Sumatran elephants and tigers) and the global climate.

Credible commitments?

In 2013 and 2014, both groups made commitments on forest conservation and restoration. Their previous commitments have turned out to be empty promises, as they have marched on with forest clearance after their own deadlines to achieve 100% plantation-supplied production.

Though WWF cautiously welcomed these new commitments, it indicated that:
  • they need to be improved, and
  • their implementation must result in positive changes on the ground.

A most recent joint NGO Statement signed by ten organisations, among which WWF, issued on the eve of the fifth anniversary of APP’s Forest Conservation Policy (FCP) on the 5th of February 2018, highlight five issues which clearly indicates that the company is not yet on a sustainabilty track and that overall, progress on its commitments has not been sufficient. 

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