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Paper tools & guidance for buyers and producers

To reduce the environmental footprint of paper production and paper consumption, WWF offers a one-stop paper toolbox to help guide paper producers as well as commercial and individual paper buyers.


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What can I do?

  1. Read the WWF Guide to Buying Paper, to help you source responsibly-produced paper products.
  2. Use the WWF Check Your Paper global database of eco-rated paper products. With this resource, paper producers, merchants and other distributors can rate paper products, while paper buyers can find the most responsible products available on the market.
  3. Check the WWF Paper Company Environmental Index to learn about the environmental performance of major paper producing companies.
The pulp and paper tools promote responsible production and consumption of paper products. The tools also increase transparency among producers and buyers across the sector.

These tools are available for everyone, easy to use, and give credible information on environmental impacts of pulp and paper companies and their products. They also provide valuable guidance for what papers to buy in order to minimize paper consumption’s impact on the planet.

tips for buyers

How paper buyers can help reduce the environmental footprint of paper 
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Water assessment in pulp and paper industry

White paper on pulp and paper specific water risks using the WWF Water Risk Filter

Save Paper!

  • pocket book rating 
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    The Save Paper! section of the WWF website is a detailed guide that allows businesses and individuals to save paper and reduce its environmental impacts.

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