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Go green in your job

Environmental protection requires us to change the way we think – not least in the world of work. The sustainable production and consumption of goods create green jobs which demand new job descriptions.

Trainer for a Living Planet – New course in October 2010

Training Centre has worked out a new German-speaking course in environmental education and training

New professional opportunities

Global markets for environmental goods and services continue to grow despite the economic downturn.
According to a recent WWF study approximately 3.4 million jobs in Europe are directly related to renewable energy, sustainable transport and energy efficient goods and services. Further studies project that the number of green jobs will double by 2020 as a result of the Green New Deal. By 2030, the green economy is forecast to employ more people than the automobile industry.

Where do you stand?

Every branch of business and every job requires specific environmental knowledge and every industry can contribute to a climate and environment friendly economy – including your line of work.

For example, the building sector requires knowledge of solar energy and energy efficiency; the agricultural and forestry sectors need to be familiar with biodiversity and organic farming; the banking and finance sector requires sustainable investment consultants; and the tourist industry needs experts in sustainable travel.
The sustainable production and consumption of goods create green jobs which demand new job ... 
	© Renggli AG/Bildungszentrum WWF
The sustainable production and consumption of goods create green jobs which demand new job descriptions.
© Renggli AG/Bildungszentrum WWF

Improve your green skills

Prepare yourself for the future by becoming a green professional in your job or business.
Consult the Internet or your career adviser about green training programmes in your country or abroad. Get further training and become a One Planet Leader or an Environmental Consultant (so far only in French and German).

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Join a network

Identify environmental groups or environmentally oriented business, professional (e.g. EFAEP) and industry associations (for example via Ecosustainable).

For further information:

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Support of the WWF Training Centre

The WWF Training Centre in Switzerland is a centre of excellence for issues related to ecological jobs and training programmes.
The centre is actively involved in vocational education and training by analysing each job in terms of ecology and sustainability, developing recommendations and negotiating with authorities and associations for their implementation.

The WWF Training Centre in Switzerland intends to broaden its remit to an international level by developing international recommendations for different professions and businesses.

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