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"One awesome positive global blackout mexican wave!"

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What is Earth Hour?

It is the biggest environmental awareness campaign ever seen!

When is it?
Earth Hour takes place once every year. On the last Saturday of March.

What's the aim?
To raise environmental awareness and get us doing small things in our daily lives that together can have huge impacts.

What does it involve?
Simply turning off your lights for 1 hour. Earth's hour.

How useful is this?
Earth Hour is a highly "visible" symbolic act.

One that millions of people can easily join in with.

And one that allows you to have fun while sending out a serious message to our politicians and governments, that says:

"I care about my planet!"

Go beyond the hour

Challenge friends, family, leaders and most importantly yourself. Create your I Will If You Will challenge.

All about Earth Hour

Official Video

What happened in 2011?

In 2011, around the world hundreds of millions of people, in many 1000s of cities, at 100s of landmarks, on all 7 continents, switched off their lights for 1 hour. Such a simple, powerful act of celebration for their one and only, truly amazing, life giving blue and green planet.

(left) What happened when the lights went off in Hong Kong...
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