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Sustain our seas

The ocean sustains life on Earth. It puts food on the table and underpins trillions of dollars of economic activity worldwide. It does all this freely. But not for long. The ocean is heading for a collapse.

Because the ocean belongs to everyone – and to no one – too many have taken too much. Centuries of overuse and neglect threaten to leave us with a vast blue desert. It is time to change the way we see the ocean – from a place where we take what we want and dump what we don’t, to a shared resource of immense value.

WWF is working to generate a new wave of support for sustainable seas. We will show leaders how a healthy ocean fosters economic development. We will celebrate and scale up the work of coastal and fishing communities to protect the resources they depend on. And we’ll give everyone the opportunity to speak out for our blue planet. Join us.

Sustain our seas

Take action

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Show your love for the ocean by sharing your best ocean photos and join the global movement to sustain our seas.

Seize your power

Climate change could commit 1/3 of animal species to extinction.

But if the world can find a sustainable solution to our energy demands, and lose the coal, oil and gas addiction, we will solve the biggest problem of our time and secure the future.
Sign the Seize Your Power pledge now, and together we can make renewable energy the new normal. 

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Make a pledge, send an email, sign a petition, make your voice heard...
The more people speaking, the better that governments, business leaders and other decision-makers will listen. By adding your voice to our campaigns, together, we can achieve big wins for our planet.

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