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Pantanal, seen from Puerto Quijarro, border with Brazil rel=
Pantanal, seen from Puerto Quijarro, border with Brazil
© WWF / Daiana Radulescu

Personal motto: Be happy anyway!

Dear World,

I am the happiest while being one of those extremely lucky people who have made it to the Youth Programme that WWF offers. So yes, I wanted to save the planet. I am young and got a passion to for the planet. They said I needed the brains and the opportunity. As I write here today, it seems I made it. 

So I jumped in a plane, crossed the Atlantic and landed in Latin America, land of the lungs of the world, for its forests and pure waters, land of the heart of the world, for its people and biodiversity. Land of my youth language, for I never learned anything quicker than Spanish. I joined the great team of amazing people who have been helping us all, as world's population, in building a better world, a safer environment, a greener Mother Earth, on 9th of February. And I am determined to offer you a glimpse of the air I breathe, the food I taste, the wonders I see.

Welcome to Bolivia, dear reader! 

With love and sun,
The European Explorer

From Where I am Writing Now...

Offices can also be in the nature… I recently found out. What a pleasant surprise I had this February, when I started my Youth Programme at WWF Bolivia.

So let me explain where I am now and what I will be doing until August. I live in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, South America. I wake up daily to take a cab without a taximeter and arrive to Calle Los Pitones, where the most incredible office ever was build. I am happily in charged with the Communication and PR Department, I am surrounded by professionals, who happen to be ecologists as well, I drink my coffe in the eco-office, as I call it (outside room, in the garden, with window walls).

From the outside, a wall painted with WWF’s logo (the cute panda).

At the entrance, many handmade paintings and small sculptures, branded doors, a beautiful kitchen on the left.

On the left of the corridor, a nature-corner, with a bench sitting on real stones.

Almost the same corner after passing over the front desk.

A colored sofa.

In front, an open office which served as a presentation and advertising room (branded materials, reports and books everywhere).

Two glass doors that form The Pantanal (one of the biggest humadales on the planet, a Ramasar site) when they were united, behind them 3 desks.

To the left, my office, one huge glass wall that leads to the garden and the cafeteria/meetings room place, when opened.

Back inside: stairs.

Other full of natural light offices.

The way to the library.

The library, from where one can see the garden, the trees, the birds.

The director’s office, full of beautiful paintings/photos and books.

And all that is what I now call The Most Beautiful Nature-Connected Office. My place of inspiration when wanting to re-shape the world.

Volunteer Profile

Fly high and have the world at your feet. A green world, preferably :) 
	© WWF/ Daiana Radulescu
Country: Romania
Home: anywhere
Age: 25
Perfectly matching the zodiac sign: Libra.
Good at: photo-journalism, inspiring and helping others.
Best at: discovering the self and the world, while getting lost on the way; master of making and breaking plans, finding solutions on the spot.
Belives in: the sun, the nature, quantum physics, mankind.
Was meant to be: a creator.
Would like to be: a cosmopolitan traveler and explorer; a social entrepreneur.
Actually is: a communicator with a taste for knowledge, writing, photographing, creative cooking and making good things happen.
Educational background: Philosophy. Communication and Public Relations, MCom: Communication and Advertising.
Hobby background: medicine, animals, nutrition, wellness, lingvistics, staying childish.
Wishes for: a world in harmony.
Craves for: exotic smoothies, passionate people, sunny days.
Is driven by: dreams and imagination, big ideas.
Is thankful to: all past experiences, family, my best friend, WWF.

Thinking. Feeling. Writing.



© WWF / Daiana Radulescu © WWF / Daiana Radulescu © WWF / Daiana Radulescu © WWF / Daiana Radulescu

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