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Milton Munang

From Cameroon to Madagascar

I am Munang Milton from Cameroon. I have always had a keen interest in conservation and contributing to sustainable development in any way I possibly can. I completed a Master of Science in Natural Resource Management, and upon graduation, I worked as Projects Coordinator for a local NGO involved in sustainable development and environmental protection, with a focus on the energy sector.
My principal motivation to participate in WWF's Volunteer Programme was to:
  1. get hands on experience in international conservation;
  2. experience conservation in another part of Africa other than my country: its challenges,community participation and perception of conservation activities and lessons worth replicating/advocating for replication.
This placement was a perfect opportunity that provided me with many answers to questions about conservation in the developing world. Through this program, I gained insight on the drivers of resource use and depletion by local communities, understanding of conservation challenges from both the perspectives of conservationists and local communities. I was equally thrilled about the prospects of local community participation in the management of natural resources, on which they depend for their survival.

Presently, I work as an environmentalist for a public works company. In addition, I am Projects Coordinator (part time basis) for a local NGO called EECORE (Environmental Education, Conservation and Research) Cameroon, which I co-founded.

My Advice?

EXPLORE represents a unique opportunity to gain an understanding of conservation in the developing world. This experience is best lived than described. My advice to anyone needing a challenge and an opportunity to not only learn but also change the lives of others, is to sign up for this programme. It is easy. You are just a click away from what could as well be an adventure of a lifetime.
	© WWF / Milton Munang
Milton in Madagascar
© WWF / Milton Munang

This experience is best lived than described!

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