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Gala evening - The Panda Ball

Why, what and where...

Our annual gala evening gives our loyal donors and people who are committed to nature conservation, an opportunity to meet over an entertaining dinner, get to know each other, discuss and learn more about the work of WWF.
At our Gala Dinner, our guests will not only spend an enjoyable evening, they will also become part of an exclusive high profile conservation network.

Each Panda Ball is made possible not only thanks to our guests and donors but also because of the generosity of local and international sponsors.

This means that money raised from each Panda Ball - from the sale of tickets to the auction of exclusive prizes (all generously donated) and the spontaneous donations -  is in support of WWF and its global conservation work.

Previous Panda Balls have centered around:

  • Protecting the Coral Triangle region
  • Celebrating Europe's Natural Heritage
  • Saving Europe’s Alps
  • Raising funds for the Arctic
  • Protecting the Mediterranean

Panda Balls have taken place in

  • Geneva
  • Lugano
  • Monaco
  • Montreux
  • Singapore

Want to make sure you receive your invitation for the next edition of the Panda Ball? Or interested in sponsoring this special event? Contact Will Skinner.

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Dancers Chiang Yu Lan and Warren Boyce at the first Asia Panda Ball 2008
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	© WWF International
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