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Highlights of membership
We believe the work that WWF does is amazing, and our members always feel the same when they experience it first hand.
HM Queen Noor and WWF’s Director General Dr Claude Martin with magician David Jarre at the Panda Ball, April 2004

Activities and Excursions

Members of The 1001: A Nature Trust have a unique opportunity to enjoy uncommon life experiences such as field trips to WWF project sites around the world and special events such as the Panda Ball, TEDxWWF, thematic seminars and dinners. For further information on activities, do get in touch.

Every year we offer an exclusive programme of activities and benefits like field trips and international and local events of various types.

When you join our other VIPs in this magical group of WWF's 1001, you truly become a part of WWF's mission and our work for a living planet.

By participating in these special activities, members are given the opportunity to really experience WWF projects.


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Assistant, Fundraising Director

WWF International,

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Field Trips
Looking for signs of giant pandas.

The secretariat of The 1001: A Nature Trust organises carefully planned field trips to selected destinations for its Members and friends. We also organise tailor-made trips for major donors supporting our programs. These trips give participants a unique chance to experience WWF’s activities first hand with high-level specialists. Not only do they allow members to see conservation in action, they also offer an important opportunity to examine the variety of contributions needed for safeguarding nature – not to mention the sheer pleasure of sharing an enriching discovery journey into the world of nature conservation with other members of The 1001: A Nature Trust.

In the past five years, the Secretariat has organized field trips to the Arctic and to Mongolia in 2007, to Papua New Guinea in 2008, to the Danube River Basin in Romania in 2009 and finally to Gabon and the Central African Republic in March 2010. It is an opportunity for our special members to take part in what inspires them, and to take pride in WWF's successes.

The activities prepared for the members are a perfect forum for discussions and the exchange of ideas, and an excellent opportunity for WWF to expose you to the difference that a global organization like WWF is making in remote corners of the world.

These trips help our most valuable members gain a true understanding of the potential that exists for us to create real change, and they give you an opportunity to be part of that change.

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