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Invest in Nature

There are many ways for our donors to get involved and create a lasting conservation impact, including:

Supporting Priority Programmes

In globally important places like the Coral Triangle, Arctic, Congo and Amazon, you can help protect some of the planet's most precious and fragile ecosystems and wildlife populations. Or you can also give to our forest, marine, freshwater or species programmes that are working on cross-cutting issues throughout the world.

Investing in Footprint Initiatives

By supporting initiatives focused on renewable energy, sustainable fishing, climate change and market transformation, you can help us find practical solutions for reducing humanity's impact on the Earth.

Providing Core Support

Your donation can be given restriction-free, allowing WWF to deploy resources where they are needed most. Flexible funding is of huge value to WWF as it enables us to respond to new opportunities, urgent threats or crises.

Making a Legacy Gift

The future of WWF's work depends on the generosity of its donors, including those who are gracious enough to remember WWF in their will or estate plan. By leaving a Legacy gift to WWF, you have the opportunity to pass on your own values to the next generation and share the wonder of nature with all those who come after you.

WWF International Donor Brochure


Every donor has a significant part to play in the future of our planet.

Please consider joining WWF as a philanthropic partner.
We invite you to read through our WWF: An Invitation to Partner brochure to explore the options and benefits of becoming a major supporter of WWF. There you will find further information on our various Major Supporter giving levels, which are:
  • Conservation Partners

  • Conservation Champions

  • Conservation Leaders

  • Honorary Circle​​

Our philanthropy team is happy to answer questions and customize funding options to meet your specific interests.

Find out more

Becoming a Member of the 1001: A Nature Trust
Commit to a living planet for future generations. Join influential philanthropists who are committed to solving today’s environmental challenges for tomorrow’s generations.

We are looking for new and existing 1001 members, who are ready to help us renew and reinvigorate The 1001, A Nature Trust. Through personal dialogue, your relationship with WWF will be further developed and deepened based on a tailor-made plan designed together with you. Members can regularly support the organization, by recommending new members, financially supporting a project or program, or by acting as an ambassador of WWF.

To be a Member of the Philanthropic Circle of the 1001 signifies...

  • Inspiring others to care for and invest in the future of our planet;
  • Sharing a vision with peers committed to sustainable development and making a tailor-made contribution to the environment;
  • Having access to WWF information and neutral scientific analyses on environmental issues;
  • Being presented with special opportunities and uncommon life experiences, such as trips to the field to become acquainted with concrete WWF projects;
  • Having the rare opportunity to contribute to a specific conservation project that can make a difference in your life. An investment with a long-term return: a legacy to future generations;
  • With a small number of members of the 1001 we are creating a special circle of conservation leaders. As part of this circle, these members get together to fund high impact and strategic programs.


Additional contributions

Invest in the future: fund a conservation programme
WWF offers 1001 Members the unique opportunity to take an active part in one of its conservation projects. The Major Donors Team at WWF International will be happy to work with interested Members to match their geographical and thematic interests with an appropriate project - such as the protection of tiger habitats in a range of countries or the development of sustainable fishing practices in the Mediterranean. Wherever their specific nature conservation interests lie, WWF welcomes its Members' dedication to the organization's environmental commitments.

Legacy Gifts: Help leave our children a living planet

All of us would like to leave this world knowing we are passing on a healthy and thriving planet to our family and friends. One of the most significant ways to show your support and passion for the sustainability of our planet Earth and the life it supports, is to remember WWF in your will, trust or other similar arrangement. These are gifts that last forever. WWF is pleased to discuss any of these options with members and their legal advisers.
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HRH Prince Philipp and HRH Prince Bernhard (right) at the launching of WWF-US in 1962.
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The Future

In the immediate future, The 1001: A Nature Trust is seeking to engage the next generation to join WWF’s efforts to protect and maintain a healthy planet.

To this end, members are being asked to give serious consideration to passing on their commitment to a sustainable human future to their children and grandchildren by offering them membership in The 1001: A Nature Trust. WWF’s aim is for each family that wields personal and professional influence and that counts in the world to be represented in The 1001: A Nature Trust.

Young 1001 members who are between 20 to 27 years old can reinforce this commitment by applying for training and hands-on participation in the WWF Youth Volunteer Programme.

This Programme offers motivated young people an exciting chance to spend 6 months learning, helping, sharing and teaching their specific skills to WWF colleagues at conservation project sites in different parts of the world such as Madagascar, India, Paraguay and the South Pacific.

“We shan’t save all we should like to, but we shall save a great deal more than if we had never tried.”
Sir Peter Scott (1909-1989), WWF Founder

HRH Prince Bernard of the Netherlands (1911-2004) described The 1001: A Nature Trust as:  “… an extraordinary group of like-minded people… connected through their real concern for the natural world”.

"Our visits to WWF project sites in Loango, Gamba and Dzanga-Shangha confirmed that WWF has reason to be proud of the superb work it is doing in the field. The beauty of the landscape, amazing wildlife and the seamless cooperation between local and international WWF staff in organizing and carrying out the trip were also exceptional" (A participant in the field trip to Gabon/Central African Republic, March 2010)