WWF, Tiger Beer and KENZO launch a fashion collection to connect you to endangered tigers.

Current trends use the symbol of the tiger for aesthetic reasons. But this majestic wild animal is more than a design on a garment or a logo on a bottle. It is a living, roaming animal that is dangerously close to extinction.

This is why for the second-year of our partnership with Tiger Beer, we have come together in collaboration with KENZO to create Rare Stripes, a unique collection of garments that connect you to the endangered animal behind the design. All proceeds from garments sold will go towards WWF's tiger conservation efforts.

Inspired by eight wild tiger stories...

We invited four emerging talents from Malaysia, Cambodia, Singapore and America to design and create the Rare Stripes collection. Watch their journey below.



WWF & Tiger Beer Partnership

The world’s wild tiger population has shrunk by an alarming 95 per cent in the last century due to illegal tiger trade, poaching and habitat loss.

Because Tiger Beer can’t imagine a world without tigers, it has embarked on a six-year global partnership with WWF, starting with a USD 1 million annual donation to support the organization’s tiger conservation efforts.

This partnership with Tiger Beer aims to raise awareness of the plight of the wild tigers through a series of initiatives.

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