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WWF teams up with Miss Solar Light to inspire a movement for Nature.

During Earth Hour in 2018, Miss Solar Light, founded by world-renowned light designer, Annet van Egmond, launched the Miss Nightingale© solar lamp in efforts to shine a light on planet Earth and positively influence the lives of people around the world through the use of an already abundantly available source of energy, the sun.

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Miss Nightingale® is a stylish candlelight that is a symbol of environmental awareness, suited for both indoor and outdoor use. The clear, bright LED lamp provides clean, safe and affordable lighting in any location – even in areas without access to electricity. The lamps are available in white or black.

Miss Nightingale uses Solar panels through which sunlight is turned into electricity. Ingenious software is used to optimize the amount of energy that is stored in the battery and to optimize the use of this energy to feed the energy efficient LED.

To find out more about the sustainable journey behind Miss Solar Light, please click here.https://misssolarlight.com/about-solar-light/

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Annet van Egmond has been a leading lighting designer for more than 28 years. Nature and the conservation of wild animals have been nested in her heart by the journeys she has made to South Africa, where she has seen with her own eyes and experience the importance of the work of nature conservationists. She was greatly touched by the passion, ambition and dedication of the Rangers on the spot and decided that from her own passion as a lighting designer she wanted to do something for nature.

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