Frasers Hospitality | WWF

'Just One' to Save the Planet

Enviromental action can begin anytime, anywhere. WWF has teamed up with Frasers Hospitality to offer you an opportunity to contribute to Planet Earth even when you are travelling and are miles away from home.

For every night you spend at a participating Frasers property, you can include one 'dollar' per night to your total bill to help WWF develop and support local conservation projects. Together, we can work towards a sustainable future - one night at a time!

Frasers Hospitality & 'Just One'

Frasers Hospitality joins WWF in protecting ‘home’ for people and wildlife. With hotels across 19 different countries, Frasers Hospitality hopes to involve guests around the world to join in the pursuit of a greener, more sustainable future for all.


Here are some of the key projects that you will contribute to:


WWF-Australia’s Great Barrier Reef Project


The Great Barrier Reef is currently reeling under unprecedented impacts of climate change, including back-to-back mass coral bleaching. Your donation can help WWF-Australia work toward halting the decline of species and ecosystem health in the Great Barrier Reef, while contributing toward reducing the impact of climate change!


WWF-Singapore's Education Programme

Contribute to empowering and inspiring environmental leaders of tomorrow! Through WWF-Singapore’s Eco-School programme, students are encouraged to learn about the environment through fun, action-orientated activities.


WWF-UK’s Amazon Project

The Amazon is the world’s largest rainforest and river, and plays a vital role in regulating our climate. Unfortunately, it is under increasing threat from continued deforestation and climate change. With Just One, you can help save The Amazon, one night at a time!

Frasers Hospitality and WWF Partnership on Climate Action

Through the ‘Just One’ hotels programme, every night you spend away from home can help save ‘homes’ for people and wildlife around the world - our incredible planet.

WWF is working with Frasers Hospitality to raise awareness on climate change and to involve guests in climate action.

Frasers Hospitality is the pioneer member of WWF Earth Hour's 'Just One' Hotels programme. With the programme launched across Frasers' prosperties in countries around the world, Frasers Hospitality has the ability to influence people from all over the world. Together, we want to demonstrate that we can all contribute to saving our planet - All it takes is ‘Just One’.