Cause-related marketing | WWF
Team up with a leading brand

We use cause-related marketing agreements and awareness raising activities to focus consumer action around key environmental issues.

By entering into these partnerships, we aim to:

  • communicate and educate people about our work,
  • raise funds to deliver on our conservation objectives and
  • reduce consumer impact on the planet.

David Bloch

Head of Corporate Marketing Partnerships

WWF International

+41 22 3649320



WWF Plush Collection

IBTT have produced a collection of life like plushes made of high quality materials.

Visit the IBTT website for the full range of products.
Merchant Ambassador

WWF Classic Games Collection

Merchant Ambassador have developed an environmentally & socially responsible range of games with the goal of educating people about WWF's important challenges.

To find out more, please consult the Merchant Ambassador website.

Groth AG

The WWF Conservation Stamp Collection

Thanks to Groth AG, since 1983, some 1,500 different stamps have been issued in 211 countries. The WWF Conservation Stamp Collection is one the largest thematic collection worldwide.

Visit the Groth website